Whether you call them saddle shoes, saddle oxfords or just plain saddles, the saddle shoe, introduced early in the 20th century as an athletic shoe, has enjoyed nearly a century of popularity. Many people associate saddle shoes with the 1950's while in fact the style has been used and reused by footwear designers since their introduction (1906) and have appeared in every shape and color combination imaginable. Saddle shoes are truly the ultimate ALL AMERICAN SHOE. Here at Muffy's we  stock a large selection of saddle shoes in a variety colors for women, men and children. The styles that we show on our catalog pages are all new, never worn though some of the styles have been discontinued and some are actual vintage "deadstock" from the 1950's-70's.  We have tried to provide the best selection of  classic saddle shoes  from a wide variety of quality manufacturers  including our own private labels. To serve you best, we stock all of the styles shown on our catalog pages.  In addition, Muffy's has accumulated a large inventory of one of a kind saddle shoes both new and preowned. So we probably have the ones just like you used to wear hidden somewhere in our inventory--which is mostly likely the largest retail inventory of saddle shoes in the world! We had recently added a Maryjane to our selection in black, red and now black patent leather and double strap English sandal.  We welcome your questions and comments.


Due to technical difficulties our website is is not currently operational and is in the process of being reconstructed. In the mean time, we will be offerring our saddle shoes on EBAY. Seller ID: mufffy and other similar venues.

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