Hi! I really do exist!

 My given name is Margaret but have been know as Muffy forever. I have always worn and loved saddle shoes. Recognizing the unavailability of great saddle shoes when you need or want them, my husband Allen and I decided to start this is business. We live in the rainforest of the Oregon Coast Range on the Nehalem River near the town of Vernonia with  a bunch of brown dogs. Our shop/warehouse is located in the wonderful City of Vernonia  of about 40 miles west of Portlland, OR.  Visitors are welcome. We are usually at the shop weekdays from 1pm-5pm PACIFIC time. Other times and weekends are by chance or appointment.  We are constantly striving to expand our styles and provide the most options.  I will post more on this page later, but just wanted everyone to know that Muffy is real and not just someone's alterego.